Business Communications On Your Terms

Our hosted telecoms system allows you to decide how and where you interact with your clients and one another.

  • Access our service through an Application on your mobile device or tablet wherever you are
  • Work from home, or anywhere else, as if you were in the office
  • Listen to your voicemails via email on your smartphone as soon as they are left
  • Change where your phone numbers ring at the touch of a button using our online interface
  • Use any UK or non-geographic number wherever (in the world) you are

Advanced telecoms features
without the scary costs

Traditionally doing clever stuff on a phone system has required a large investment. Not so with us. Here are just some examples of the features we offer:

  • Call Recording & management console
  • Automated answering systems, music on hold and voicemail
  • Integration with databases/outlook for dialling and identifying incoming calls
  • Software that will turn a PC into a phone
  • Ability to transfer, conference and forward calls to other lines

Looking for a Professional
VoIP Telecoms Solution?

With over 30 years' experience in telecoms and 10 years in the world of VoIP, we at Callmaster Ltd. believe you need look no further.

  • Resilient system hosted on multiple servers at multiple sites
  • Reduced national and international call rates & free calls within the network.
  • Feature rich VoIP services, accommodating all requirements so far...  bespoke development available
  • Customer online management ccnsole
  • Easy install. Plug in the phones & we will configure remotely
  • Proactive personal support