Callmaster Additional Services

We provide a number of additional services that can be added for an additional charge.

Automated-Answering / IVR

Calls can be answered with a customised greeting, recorded either on site or professionally. Callers can be directed to hunt groups, queuing systems, voicemails, external numbers or sources of recorded information. Our system is literally infinite in its capacity for initial and subsequent menu options.

We can also integrate with and populate online database information. An example would be indentifying customers by account number and routing them accordingly. Or allowing people or allowing them to enter information relevant to them such as meter readings.

If you are interested in this service please contact us to talk through the requirement and allow us to provide costings.

Call Recording

Call recording can be instigated via our online interface by the company administrator. Calls can be recorded to and from specific users on the system. The resulting recordings will be stored on our servers and be accessible via a secure web link as a .wav file download.

Non-Geographic Numbering

We can provide any UK non geographic number and route it as if it were a regular:

  • Low call rate 0845/0844/0843 - calls to these numbers are charged at standard Low-call rate which is generally between 3p and 6p per minute. There is no charge the Callmaster account holder
  • Freephone 0800 numbers - calls to these numbers are free to the caller, but a charge is made to the Callmaster account holder (currently 3.5ppm)
  • Premium rate 087X/09XX numbers - charges vary to these numbers and a portion of the charge is reimbursed to the Callmaster account holder

Gold numbers are available on request.

All numbers can be allocated within a few minutes.

Fax to email

We can provide a UK with any UK geographic or non-geographic prefix, that will be routed to a fax server. Any faxes sent to this number will be sent as a .tif attachment to any email address.