Free VoIP Trial From Callmaster

We are currently offering a free* trial to companies that would like to try out our systems and services.

We will provide 2/3 phones delivered to your company, which need to be plugged in and connected to your network/broadband. We will then log into your local network remotely and configure these phones for you.

The phones can be set to present your existing company phone number(s) for outgoing calls but for incoming calls to your existing number(s), the number has to be diverted or ported to us, however we will provide a phone number for you to use for testing.

*Please note that you will be charged for outgoing calls, subject to rates that will be quoted in our Callmaster Tariff Sheet. Nice and cheap, honest.

For you to go live with us we need to port your exising phone number(s), or allocate new numbers to allow you to receive calls.