Callmaster's History / Team

Callmaster has been based in Farnham, Surrey & providing telecoms equipment and services since the UK market was deregulated in the late 1970s. Back then we sold and distributed answerphones, which at the time, believe it or not, were leading edge technology.

Since then we have continued to evolve through each stage of the subsequent telecommunications revolution.

The business was originally founded by William G (Tony) Hancock - a familiar and popular character to many! He established it as a friendly, ethical and honest company. His son Will has worked with the company since leaving university in 1991 and took over as managing director in 2000. He has aimed to maintain these original values, whilst indulging his passion for technology. The team has been technologically strengthened considerably over the last 8 years with 2 key appointments.

Firstly 'Q' who joined in 2005. Q has been programming computers since 1982, originally machine code and assembler language, Pascal, C, C++, VB etc. and then primarily developing software for the financial sector; Dow Jones, Telerate, Reuters, Citibank etc.
Q now creates, administers, develops and supports all aspects of our system, including this website!

Secondly, Richard Watson who joined in 2006. Richard is a self-confessed uber-geek and knows almost everything about everything to do with hosting servers and the Linux operating system that our systems operate on.

And of course, Susanne Brown, who has been a loyal and committed member of the Callmaster family from the beginning, she manages us, our books and much more!

Using the combination of skills that we each possess we have built our telecoms platform from the bottom up, using our own equipment. This has the advantage that we all know exactly how it all fits together, so we are all able to support it. As our client base has increased, we have continued to improve the infrastructure both to improve facilities and build in failsafe mechanisms. We are confident that there is no single point of failure on our system and that we can maintain a working service under any circumstance, including a nuclear attack!