Callmaster Support & Installation Services


All internet connections are managed by some kind of routing equipment. Generally our system works through any router, however some routers have particular settings in them that make small changes to the data that passes through them, which can have an effect on Voice over IP traffic. In order to address this we generally engage with an organisation at the outset either directly or through their networking support company, to ensure that we are happy with the router that will be managing the voice traffic. In certain circumstances we will take over the installation and management of the router.

If we install the router, we will store all of the authentication information off site and have access to it for support purposes. I f the model supports it we will also establish a Virtual Private Network connection to the site which will allow us to browse to individual phones and give far more effective support.


For the budget conscious we can despatch all the phones and leads necessary and either pre configure or configure remotely via a local computer. This service is free and all part of setting you up a new client. If however you would prefer to sit back and let us do the work we can come to site and set up the system and/or router and conduct a training session tailored to your needs. We would generally allow for half a day for up to 8 phones and a full day up to 30


For a new installation there is a fair amount of coordination required to ensure that the telephone line, the broadband service, and the porting of existing numbers are all coordinated to avoid disruption and confusion. As anybody who has attempted to manage such a project will know, it can be a frustrating and often perplexing experience. If required we will take over the role of liaising with all third parties and ensuring a smooth implementation. With a wealth of experience in telecoms we are well placed to ensure that orders are placed with clarity and with no unnecessary charges. We do make a small administrative charge for this service, but very much recommend it.


When the installation is complete, you can contact us by email or telephone with any queries or problems. All messages are monitored throughout working hours, and we aim to respond to all queries within 15 minutes. In addition we send communications to all clients that could be affected by scheduled maintenance. In the event of general problems with our service, we have a live status screen on our web site which is updated with any relevant information.