What Is VoIP?

VoIP, which stands for Voice Over Internet Protocol, simply means that your voice is transferred using your internet/broadband connection rather than conventional line connections.

Having said this, your voice is still transported in pretty much the same way, just that access to the telecoms infrastructure is via your internet connection.

VoIP, with Callmaster, is much more than this acronym, it enables you to have total flexibility and control over your telecommunications, previously only available using very expensive PBX (Local Exchange) systems.

You will no longer be restricted to geo-numbers, you can call from anywhere in the world and present your company phone number. You can plug a phone into the internet anywhere in the world and be connected to your company phone network as if you are there, including free calls to your company phones and all the other benefits, exactly as if you are sitting in your office.

Your telephones or softphone/applications can log onto our VoIP service from any location with internet connectivity and calls can then be made in exactly the same way as normal, with all the added features and services that we provide. As our service uses the internet there is no cost for Standard BT line rentals, your broadband speed dictates the number of ‘virtual’ lines that are available. Typically a slow broadband of 2Meg download would accommodate 10 virtual lines (concurrent calls) without having to pay for them.

Our service runs on high specification secure servers that are monitored and maintained 24 hours a day, at a number of data centres around the UK. Over many years of development we have built our infrastructure with complete resilience to ensure 100% uptime. If one entire data centre fails for example, all of our traffic is routed seamlessly via an alternate parallel system hosted completely separately.

Our system is based on the asterisk software platform, the most popular open source telephony ecosystem worldwide. As such it is constantly being developed by a global community of programmers. This means that the core functions of the system keep pace with developments in communications, for example with the installation of a simple software update we can create a gateway to the 100s of millions of Skype or Goole Talk users. It also means that new applications that arise will be able to be bolted on, an example here is the new speech to text applications such as Google’s Siri. Never has the word future proof been more accurate!