Ironically one of the biggest problems faced when implementing a major communication project is, well, communication. In some but by no means all cases the person selling a telecoms solution is very well versed in what should be possible, they have been on training courses run by manufacturers and service providers, all of whom are trying to gain a competitive edge by saying yes to everything, with the result that everybody in the sales channel has a tendency to over promise. Engineers and customer service agents on the other hand are acutely aware of what is possible. The problem comes when the seller doesn’t effectively communicate what they have sold to the CSAs and the engineers. Very often this mismatch results in disaster on the day of implementation, with significant downtime and messy workarounds. Many times we have been called upon to rectify problems caused by other suppliers getting into trouble in this way. In order to effectively manage a major telecoms project , we would insist on being present at the procurement stage, become familiar with the project and ensure that is delivered smoothly.